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3 Ways to Promote Yourself

Stop Waiting Around If You Want to Advance

Do you have the January heeby jeebies? If so, you are not alone. Q1 rolls in with its typical bluster of performance reviews, bonuses, promotions, and management changes.  It also comes with agita. Some employees fret about reviews and raises that don’t reflect their hard work. Others are frustrated that they once again have been passed over for promotion. There may be a vague sense of unrest with an upcoming change in management. And the temptation to leave the company for greener pastures is strongest once the bonus checks are cut.  “How can I advance?” and ” Is my job secure?” are common thoughts.

The Navigator has studied the heeby jeebies (his own and others) and has come to a conclusion that these demons of self-doubt will attack those with a lack of professional mobility.  Are you professionally mobile? Do you feel overly dependent on your current employer? How well do you demonstrate mastery during internal and external interviews?  How do you position yourself for a truly accurate performance review? How can you bolster your stature for promotion and advancement?

Passivity will not earn you your rightful place.  There are 3 things you can do right now to gain professional mobility and prepare for your future role.

the Navigator3 Ways to Promote Yourself
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How to Stand Up to a Bully in Meetings

"The Apology"

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If you find yourself on a team in which playground bullies abound without any adult supervision, tread with caution.  The Navigator’s views on prematurely donning the mantle of corporate victim-hood are widely known.  Yes, it is true that there is bias in the workplace and under poor leadership team dynamics will degrade providing fertile grounds for unfairness.  However, crying foul before trying ways to regain control will impede your advancement and you will be viewed as the problem.  If you find yourself in this kind of predicament you will be delighted to know that the Navigator awaits you on the high road. 

the NavigatorHow to Stand Up to a Bully in Meetings
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