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How Corporate Speak Can Hurt Your Career

"The Snoozy Lunch & Learn"

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The Navigator has a sneaking suspicion that today’s organizations are filled with humans that have turned into robots.  He does not refer to humans being replaced by robots, but humans turning into robots as exhibited by their lack of curiosity – a condition where employees respond to small immediate stimuli throughout their day without obtaining the big picture.  There are several contributing factors to this devolution of the human condition but none is as mechanizing as the internal language used in corporations known as Corporate Speak or CS.  If you find yourself growing drowsy from the soothing concoctions of CS that you are offered in corporate communications, team meetings, and performance reviews, you had better snap out of it.  CS can hinder your career advancement if you don’t know how and when to ask for clarity. 

the NavigatorHow Corporate Speak Can Hurt Your Career
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