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Only the loudest people get heard at our team meetings

A Reader Writes:

At our team meetings, it’s the loudest most talkative people who get heard.  But I have good ideas that are not getting out there.  How can I be heard?

Dear Reader,

The Navigator is encouraged that you did not ask how you can become louder and more talkative at meetings.  It is the world’s misfortune that people respond more to bluster than to judicious thought. The aim is to become effective at persuasion when communicating your ideas.

First, be sure that you have the basic communication skills squared away.  While your goal is not to compete with other loud voices, you want to be clear, confident, and fill your space when you speak.  Filling your space means that you feel entitled to talk; not yielding your spot to others who interrupt, and not speaking too quickly which may indicate to others that you are uncomfortable speaking. A meeting, like nature, abhors a vacuum. Someone else will gladly take your spot if you falter.

Second, find your communication strength or sweet spot.  Do you express ideas more effectively as images, or compelling data via charts and graphs?  If so, share those at your next meeting.  Do you tell a good story?  Highlight your ideas by using a colorful metaphor or simile.

There is no need to be loud or talkative to get your point across (see the movie RBG for inspiration). The successful, introspective individual learns to engage their world on the creative plane, not the competitive one.

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the NavigatorOnly the loudest people get heard at our team meetings
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